First Sprint Retrospective

My first sprint experience was interesting. The experience was more of a sprint-lite, a streamlined version of the process. The tasks we had to accomplish did not have to be split up between team members and there was no real roadblocks that had to be overcome except minor issues which were solved with out too much hair pulling.

This weeks sprint was a learning experience in that it was my first time with sprinting on a software project. It allowed me to get some of the basics down and get used to the experience. Not much would change with the knowledge I have now, other than issues would be fixed sooner. Though they were fixed quite quickly to begin with.

I feel like most of our progress was made during the in class meetings, as we could share a large amount of our findings with each other and have long discussions on them. In the future, I feel as if more discussion should be had remotely, to increase productivity overall. Though this time it did not really matter. Helpful links and tips were still posted to slack. The Trello board was set up quite quickly, and the stand ups were finished by everyone pretty consistently. Barring two very minor misses. Overall, the team worked really well together. Everyone was helpful and made contributions to aid others. I brought up a fix for an issue I will describe in a few moments, and was helped in resolving an error by a fellow team member.

During the week everyone had to setup their teams repositories which had forked versions of the n2-amrs app. They then had to get the application working on their machines. The steps to take were basic, but they did not end up being as simple as they should have. Npm install should have installed all dependencies and npm run should started the application running. However, many people, including me, received errors when trying to install dependencies. The errors mention files that do not exist in the application. I searched the issue and online and was able to come upon a page on git about the specific issue with many suggestions for fixing it. Here’s a link to the page in question:

The method that ended up working for me was to delete package-lock.json, which would be reinstalled along with the other dependencies after running npm install.

Running the application came with an issue in the styles guide file, where it could not find another file called ladda.min.css . There were suggested fixes on the general slack channel, and suggestions made by my team mates. I ultimately fixed it by moving the ladd.min.css file and then rewriting the path in the styles guide file to its new location.